16 December, 2011

Sh Sh shuffle time.....

OMG I just had 2 pieces of heavenly dark chocolate. I'm going to have to walk miles and miles after Christmas.....bwahahahahahahaaaaaaa

Anyways, let's see what happens when Edmund stirs up his electrons and starts to shuffle:

        1. Born This Way                          Lady Gaga
        2. House Made of Dawn Light       Dougies Spotted Eagle
        3. Dust on the Bottle                      Tim Mc Graw
        4. Circus                                         Britney Spears
        5. Give Me the Beat Boys               The Doobie Brothers
        6. Layla                                          Eric Clapton
        7. Masters in this Hall                     Mannheim Steamroller
        8. Wildwood Flower                      Keith Urban & Ricky Skaggs
        9. Always on My Mind                  Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash
        10. Fisher's Hornpipe                        Yo Yo Ma ,Mark O'Connor & Edgar Meyers
Sorry for the crappy formatting. Such is life. 
Peace and out.

1 comment:

  1. LOL hey remember the christmas commercial with the horses.
    Or the Rig ones?