09 December, 2011

It's not too late to shuffle!!

    1. Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me                                  Al Yankovic
    2. Minnie the Moocher                                                        Band from TV featuring Hugh Laurie
    3. Tipitina                                                                            Hugh Laurie
    4. Tryin'                                                                               The Eagles
    5. Magh Seola  (The Level Plain)                                        Boston Pops
    6. People Are Strange                                                          The Doors
    7. Heavy Metal Lover                                                          Lady Gaga
    8. Planet of Woman                                                             Z Z Top
    9. Long Legged Guitar Picking Man                                   Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
    10. There is no Rose (Ceremony of Carols, Britten)              The Choir of Trinity College

Have a good night, a good weekend and remember to pass it forward. You'll know why after you've done it.


  1. Girl, i do not recognize even one sing on your shuffle play! I am not sure who badly i should feel about this. LOLOLOL...

  2. Hey, did you change the shuffle? now i recognize folks. Or was i drinking too much wine when i posted this?