06 August, 2016

Stress Related Illnesses. TMI if you want

My gut and I have an agreement. As long as everything is hunky dory, and going well, it will behave. If I have the least amount of stress, it will go wild and I will spend an aggregate of 2 or more hours in the bathroom. Not to mention my bladder and its mind of its own. 

I thought this would be a nice quiet Saturday. The mail came and my son got some mail, and it wasn't quite what he expected. He exploded. Then his father, who was on his ass watching Ancient Aliens, got into it, and I asked them both to settle down. The husband then says to me, go pray to your sky fairy, you know there isn't anyone up there to listen to you here or there. Steam is coming out of my ears. 

I go outside and start moving dirt out of a large empty planter that is out there. I'm going to put my poor little Meyer Lemon in it. Well, the bottom of the huge planter is cracked and there are roots from the tree coming through. I try to crack them and that's not good for my shoulder,I sit down and wait a bit and start again. Finally, the husband comes out and says let me try. (he's trying to be nice... he's already on the shit list for not telling work when he wanted to take his vacation and someone else got it, and I had to cancel it). 

So he digs down further and grabs the roots and cuts them off. Adds more planting mix and cuts the plastic container the lemon tree has been in for several years; puts it in and pours the rest of the potting soil around it. I lost 2 little lemons, but there are 5 more on the plant + blossoms. Maybe this year they will grow and we'll have decent lemons. This is what I hope it will look like someday:

Right now it's not that great.

In other things, I cancelled class Friday night because of aforementioned physical problems. I'll be hunting bear next week. I also talked to the president of the college about grading and he said because it's general ed and not really an academic school be gentle. So they'll get C- and above. No D's. Too bad. 

One more week of school for me. It's career week, do resumes, practice interviews, the whole 9 yards. And Thursday one last typing test and I graduate. Whoopee. No big party for me. Not enough people, and if they do, it'll be chicken and pizza. I'd rather have an antipasto salad from Guiliano's than that. I am not involved in that. 

Peace out. 

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