23 December, 2012

To the guy who built this house

Why did you put a wall heater facing the bathroom and not close to the bedroom? We don't use it because there is no heat. Hence the space heater that I use.
The rest of the house is nice and toasty thanks to the double sided furnace. This side isn't.

To the guy who remodeled the bathroom. You put in a used jacuzzi tub. Instead of sinking it you put it in and decided to make 2 1 foot steps to use to get in, and also step over the water faucets for the tub. The shower is on a different connector. Not smart dude.

And dude, we know what's growing in the garage that was supposed to be ours. Did you fill up your new house's garage with crap too? It's pretty shitty to take the front places parking spot because you're running your enterprise from the garage.

Did you know that the boards that you used for the floor of the non usable patio where the broken spa is (which is also put in backwards.....) are sagging and will probably fall apart soon from the termites? If someone is back there, fighting off the encroaching jasmine and falls, I hope your homeowners insurance is up to date.

Rain is on it's way. Hence the pain pill.
Hope to sing tomorrow night. Time to read some more and then hit the sack.

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