15 December, 2012

December 15, 2012

I've been reading an awful lot about the shooting yesterday. IT is one of the worst things I have heard about in my lifetime. 

I do however dispute the statements that taking God out of our schools was the reason this young man felt the need to kill 27 people. BULLSHIT. 

God has never left our schools. Ask any kid who hasn't studied  for a test. An athlete who has to try out for a team. A musician who wants to move up in the orchestra or band or chorus. God is on their minds. Just because we don't use corporate prayer in every class doesn't mean that God is gone from schools. He's just more internalized than before. And come to think of it, I started school in 1958 and I don't remember having prayer in our classrooms nor any prominent displays of the Ten Commandments. Think on that. 

I do have a problem with people who say this tragedy is a way to glorify God and bring him back to prominence. He's not gone people. He's still there. 

But my biggest thought is why would God, if he loves us, allow this to happen? Why would he allow this young man, obviously troubled, to force his way into a grade school and kill those children and teachers? If his brother was with him. why didn't he stop him? I am having a hard time reconciling the God that I believe in allowing this to happen again after again. 

I can't say anything else without tears in my eyes. 


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