04 December, 2012

I was reminded today

That I commented on a post on someones blog back in February calling her on her statements about her happy home life. She replied to my comment that I was a big meanie. OK. Words are words. Then her minions ( God I love that word, minions) told me I was a bigger meanie and CB would never lie on her blog.

She'll post things like Santa Claus and Thor are related because the Norse religion came out of the middle east and the Babylonian mystery codes...seems to me they were separated by several if not 10 centuries. The Norse religion predated Christianity and the Romans That the Virgin Mary is the Whore of Babylon along with the Catholic Church. She doesn't believe that Peter was in Rome and established the church there. Says the Council of Nicaea was a fraud. The only true Bible is the KJV and even others before then were full of errors and misstatements. And she does this every year.

Well as my heroine says in my book Toddies for Toadies, Fiddle-dee-dee.

My screen name goes back to the 90's, when AOL had chat rooms for certain TV shows. And Alt-tv-net was a hopping with real people and real discussions. I've had it so long that it's part of me.

Did some shopping. Hope it gets here before next Tuesday. Big birthday for my Momms. 88.

My fingers are freezing and i am tired so I will end here.


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