26 March, 2011

Panic attacks and puke. Shakes and shimmies.

1. I had a panic attack on Thursday when the LAPD chopper was circling our neighborhood (and we don't have LAPD we have our own PD) looking for a guy in handcuffs who escaped custody. For 3 1/2 hours we were locked down in our tract. If you left you couldn't get back in. And they didn't catch the idiot either.

2. I was concerned about the husband not getting his stuff in gear for his weeklong business trip and that made me more upset. He forgot his dress shoes but made it safely to LEX in his cargo shorts and tee shirt and it was snowing there. Tee Hee.

3. Between puking and sleeping I don't know where Friday went.

4. My agency is cutting me loose since "I can't perform the duties assigned"...lifting 70 lbs etc. They sent me 3 copies of the same letter via 1st class, certified and FEDEX and I still haven't faxed back my copy showing receipt of same. No wonder this govt is going broke and this agency is out of control.

5. They make it seem like it's my fault I can't be a screener but they don't give any other options i,e, an office position, but at this agency it's who you know not what you know and if your nose isn't brown enough you're screwed. Not that I'd want to put myself back into that trainwreck again. There is something that is better and less crazy. I know this.

6. I get the whole bed to myself for a whole week. Whooooo. Except for the dog.

7. I'm in a crappy mood for a Saturday night.


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