11 March, 2011

I am so angry right now=No make that totally numb

update  15 March 2011
My friend Lynn aka Jokers Wild Again
passed away this morning at 1130am EDT.
She left this world peacefully and under the care of her wife Nikki. May God and the Angels welcome her into paradise.

Several years ago I joined an online community of people who were connected by their affinity for a series of books by the author Rebecca Wells. Specifically, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. It became a 2nd home. I met people online, and we shared our lives and loves, tears and sadness, joy and fears.

The message board was taken down by Harper Collins and we scattered. There were several baby boards and I went over to a couple of them. The feeling wasn't the same but they were good places to be. Then a new group on Facebook came together, called Sekrit Squirrel.  These ladies were involved in sending quilt pieces to another who made a wonderful quilt for one of ours who announced she had lung cancer. Another Facebook page opened that's private and many people have been coming together. 

On February 25th a 33 yr old mother and wife, left her husband and 3 yr old son for eternity because of breast cancer than had metastasized to her lungs and brain. She came home to hospice and spent her last days there.

Today a woman who I admired for her determination, dedication, fearless love, and direction, who married the woman she loved, is also going to come home to hospice. Hers was sqamous cell that left her lungs and went into her brain. There is no amount of radiation or chemo that could combat it. Her wife is bereft. Her children who were estranged because of her choices now come to her side to say goodbye. 

There are other women in the sisterhood who are fighting the beast now, and who are so brave that my admiration of them has no end. There are survivors among the sisterhood whose lives reflect their determination to live their lives as a challenge to the beast.

We don't know how long we have on this terrestrial sphere. But we must and have to encourage our elected representatives to question spending billions on 2 unpopular wars and not on medical research and treatment. 

God Bless and Keep You All.

da bunny


  1. I am so sorry, Amulbunny. I wish I could say something, anything, that mattered but I know I can't.

    You, your friends & families are in my thoughts.

  2. very poignant post, amulbunny. I didn't know Library Goddess that well on Gumbo, but i will never forget her Rubber Band Jesus story.

    Joker's Wild was a straight up gal, always had her camera with her it seemed. I posted on Facebook that to this day, long after Gumbo, when i have heard the phrase 'beat a dead horse' I think of her because she hated that phrase because she loved horses.

    I do remember her on Gumbo. This all seemed to happen very fast but it could be that i didn't find out until later.

    Hugs to you amulbunny.