19 March, 2011

Just some random things I want to howl about

( biggest full moon this year now obscured by clouds and rain coming )

1. I love Steve Martins new gig with the Steep Mountain Rangers and I have the album Rare Bird Alert. If you like even the smallest amount of Bluegrass this is a good listen. Puts King tut back in the grave.

2. Since I'm not working i get a kick out of being called Ma'am by the young kids who think they are saving the world one water bottle and nail clipper at a time. And so far I've missed being pawed but I'll raise holy hell if I get a close pat down.

3. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Les choses changent plus elles restent les mêmes.

4. Some idiots never grow up.

5. Most of our Borders are going bye too. But there are some nice Barnes and Nobles still. I do most of my shopping at AMazon now. Get recs from sites and magazines and get them. I don't want a kindle or nook, I need the feel of real books.

6. I love Itunes. I like being able to buy 1 song.

7. When did these grey things start growing out of my chin and why are they so coarse? Eyebrows? I don't like pain so I only get them done when I have to go somewhere and be presentable.

8. The tea party is the party of those who would prey on the fears and fantasies of the already frightened masses, i.e. the people who are afraid of "Those People!!!".

9. For ummagumma and for Lynn.

10. Courtesy needs to be relearned. Period.

11. America needs to wake up and come out of it's pathetic lethargy.

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