24 July, 2016

Heat, humidity, and smoke

The Sand fire has made our air nasty. Here's a picture from last night at about 1730:

We live 4 miles from the beach as the crow flies. The fire is 60 miles to the north. Right now the town my stepbrother lives near is under evacuation orders. He said he's about 5 miles north of the current evacuation but if the wind changes, that may change too. 

My new class started and I have 4 students. Not too bad. The information page that I have access through from the publisher is wonderful. I get powerpoints for the chapters, and I get tests that are premade. All I do is download them, save them in Word since they have the answers already. Then do a Save As function and erase all the answers. It will be a good measure since I don't want to let them slide like English. 

The heat makes me really tired and cranky. At least the classroom tomorrow will be a/c. 

Peace and out. 

da bunny 

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