06 August, 2015

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 88

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 88

By Amulbunny   
August 6,2015

Outside my window77, cloudy and humid

I am thinking tonight will be very low key.

I am thankful for catching up with a friend from college

From the learning rooms …  I watched a documentary on A Year in Antarctica. Amazing

I can't believe . . 70 years ago today we dropped a bomb and obliterated 70,000 people in an instant.

From the kitchen . . . freezer dinner

I am wearing  comfy denim shorts and a tank top

I am creating . . .such good smells. Swan Creek Drizzlers in a candle melter are so good.  

I am going   enjoy our new TV that didn’t happen from Prime Day.

I am reading. . . actually listening to Jurassic Park.

I am hoping my tomatoes get ripe.

I am hearing the fans going back and forth.

Around the house2 dogs and me

One of my favorite thingsthe smell of rain

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Fix Mom’s chair covers
2.  Pay some bills
3.  Get my ceiling fan installed

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:


  1. Did you watch the so-called debate? I thought trump was the most entertaining and interesting. I watched some of his other speeches on YouTube. He is certainly not as boring as the other candidates.

  2. I watched part of it until my husband told me I was too red in the face and he was worried about my BP. Trump made his millions/billions whatever on the backs of people he trampled. He filed BK 4 times and thinks it's funny, I don't think the people who lost their money, jobs, and livelihoods thought it was. He's a bully and will always be one. He's going to split the republicans into pieces.

    I like Bernie Sanders. He makes sense, he thinks about what he is going to say and he doesn't say he is going to tear the government apart.

    I've been a registered democrat since 1971 and I've voted in every election since then. I detested Reagan for what he did to CA and higher education here. Then he released all the mental patients and closed the state hospitals. We're still dealing with the backlash of that 30 years later.