15 August, 2015

Heat and humidity and brush fires.

It's brush fire season again here in Southern CA. At last count, there were three going in the LA/San Bernardino/Ventura Counties. They are not close to us. We are in an urban area, close to the coast, and there is no vegetation around us. Should an airplane crash, yes we would have fires, but that seems unlikely. The fire below is affecting the places that we go camping and when there is water in the river, gold panning. With the drought, it's more like a trickle than a river. So so sad. 

The Fire Information Center will reopen Saturday, August 15th, at 8am. The Cabin Fire started at 1:07pm PST. Currently, the fire is 2500 acres and is 0% contained. 5 firefighters were evacuated with minor injuries. 462 hundred personnel are on scene. The location of the fire is 3 miles north Rincon-Redbox Rd. off HWY 39. HWY 39 is closed from the bottom at Sierra Madre to the Intersection of HWY 2. ave for the remainder of the weekend. The San Gabriel Canyon OHV Area is closed this weekend.

So we bitch and moan about the heat and wish for rain. The NOAA says that we are in for a Godzilla of an El NiƱo this season. I'd just like to see a good old-fashioned summer rainstorm. We used to get them here. We've had a couple of storms pass through, but it seems like we must be righteous, as the rain never rains on us. 

 This would be awesome though I'd have to hold the dogs. Which is no big deal. 

Time for a nap. I'll leave with one of my favorite songs:

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