20 August, 2013

Why didn't they name me Grace?

So nosey rosey me went around the corner to see the accident that made a lot of noise. Someone was making a left from across the street and got creamed by an SUV who spun out into a fence. The girl who was hit was driving a late model Cadillac with expired plates and no license with 3 little kids in the back seat. She was scraped along the ride side and lost her side view mirror. The kids were okay. The person who hit her was driving a large SUV, she ended up hitting the fence of a condo on our side of the street. The girl with the kids was pretty devastated.

So onto my story. I was walking back home and got to the sidewalk leading back to our gate and I fell. I just twisted and went down. This is the result of that:

so now my leg hurts, my back hurts and my left hand which I put out to brace myself is aching. 

Well every day is supposed to be exciting but not painful. 

da bunny

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