15 August, 2013

Been a roller coaster around here

Oh my faithful minions, I wish I could tell you that I boarded an aluminum tube and flew to where tropical breezes blow and fruity drinks abide. But no. There have been a bunch of roadblocks and FOD on my runway of life. 

So the mystery pain continues. No ideas as to what is causing it other than perhaps it's a floating appendix and one of these days it will actually do something that will catch someone's attention. 

The power steering (electrical) went out on our car. No bueno. Luckily it was covered by a special warranty. Brought me back to the days of drivers training and no power steering on our Plymouth special at North High. So they do the how every many point check on the car and the front and back brakes as well as all 4 rotors and a wheel need to be replaced. So any thought of going anywhere was cancelled by that. I got to drive a mini rental while goldie was in the shop though. 

Things started to look a bit better. Then Sunday morning came and the pain peeing arrived. I took the OTC meds that I had and that helped a little. By Tuesday though, I was really sick. I called the husband and said we have to go to urgent care. Went to urgent care and peed in the cup. Blood and elevated white cells. Rx'ed me Cipro and Zofran. They gave me some Cipro before I left the office. I had some coke in the car and sipped on that, while we headed to the pharmacy. Big mistake. I started to get nauseous and for the first time in years, I hung my head out the side of the car and puked. A big thumbs down to the cars who couldn't figure out the lady was sick and honked their horns. 

Got home and started on the meds. Feeling better now. 

Had the MRI/Arthrogram last week. Got a nice bruise from that. Still waiting on the appointment to go over that. I emailed the office. No answer yet. 

The heat has returned. School starts and the thermometer starts to go up. Perfect beach weather with the kids in school. Not that I go to the beach for anything other than eating at my favorite places. I can't tell you the last time I was in the ocean. Sharks are in the ocean. 

Well I must end this missive. I'm praying that some monsoon moisture wanders over the coastal plain and we get some much needed rain and some lightning and thunder. 

Peace. Clear skies and following winds to all. 

da bunny

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  1. I found your blog through a friend's. I am new to the blogging world and have no idea how to navigate. Anyway, I just read your "about me" section and I think that we are kindred spirits...free spirits...like "meet at starbucks for a latte" spirits (even thought I can't drink coffe :( )

    Anyway I blog over at http://mylittlesockmonkeys.blogspot.com/. Feel free to drop by and say "hi"