19 November, 2012

Ah the good life.....East Fork San Gabriel River, CA

Or you'd think so. Except for the USDA-Forest Service Cop who hassled me. But to his chagrin I am well versed on regulations regarding prospecting and parking lots. If you are going to be a cop, at least learn how to interact with people. It's the I'm a LEO and you're not mentality that gives some cops a bad name. Seen it before and will see it again.

This trip wasn't as hunky dory. Had a vapor lock on the freeway and discovered a manifold leak. Hwy 39 was closed due to fire, so we had to take another road which even under good circumstances is a puke inducing ride. This is the loop map. We went up the Glendale Mountain Road which meets the East Fork Road. We were camped at the top far right at the end of the non highlighted road. Bonita Camp Rd. or the end of the East Fork Rd. Coming home we took the East Fork Road to Hwy 39 (Azusa Avenue) to the 210 Freeway.

Anyway here are some random pictures to go with random thoughts.

Steep path from parking lot down to river 

Looking downriver from the parking area 

 The trailhead to Heaton Flats- Graffiti you can't escape from. And the parking lot lights don't work. 

Looking upriver. During heavy storms the river bed increases over 50% of area. 

Looking down the road to the Cattle Creek Bridge.  

The old pump building. Above this is a razed lot where there was a ranger station. 

 Saturday morning overcast and rainy
The prospector and his bike rig to take his equipment to the river. 

The 11 lb guard dog.  

 The end of the East Fork Road and the trail head to Heaton Flats and beyond. 
 The slope below the trail. 
 Typical mid week parking lot situation. Bathrooms in the little building. 
 The diamond shaped discoloration is from hydraulic mining in the late 1890's to 1920's.
 An idea of the flood plain and the actual river size now. 
 Trail to camping area below parking lot. 
During the summer months it's packed with people who
don't respect the river. 
 Same trail but a little to the south.

It was a nice trip even with the hiccoughs but as always it's always good to be home.

Up next, Thanksgiving. More thoughts on that after the fact. 

da bunny

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