21 June, 2012

So Nashville is gone like the wind

I was really hoping to go to Nashville for the convention (AGO) but it's slipping away like the sand does in the tide.
Our fridge died last weekend and we bought a new one to be delivered today. But, it was too wide. The slot for the fridge was not wide enough. Went back to the store and we picked out another one by the same manufacturer that was narrower and a bit smaller. It was higher priced!!!! I said can you knock it down to what we paid? Supposedly we're going to hear tomorrow when the delivery will be. in the meantime coolers are overtaking my kitchen.

Next week is my birthday. I'm hopefully going out to dinner. If not, I would not want to be around this house at all.

da bunny


  1. How was your birthday? is it a big one? hahaha. they are big ones, i just don't like to celebrate them so much anymore.

    How could a smaller frig be more money than a larger one????

  2. And Happy Birthday to YOu! i forgot to say that!