25 August, 2010

Doctor's vsits and all those random blog things you just sigh over.

I get to go and have my hearing tested tomorrow. I don't think I've had that done since I applied for the god forsaken job at the agency I won't name. The doctor just wants to know why I hear crinkle sounds.

Crazy weather around the southland. Thunderstorms, downdrafts, flash floods, brush fires. Ah the joy of Southern CA summers. And we won't get a blessed drop of rain or thunder and lightning.

Had the annual poke and prod on Monday. Hopefully she got the cells she needed. I have a tipped cervix/uterus and it makes it really hard to get that instrument of torture in me. But if she got the cells and they are okay, then I don't have to have another test for 3 years!! I have the squeeze machine scheduled for the 30th. Then it's clear till the 23rd of September when I see the dermatologist for some spots on my ankle and my back. Hopefully that will take care of all the medical appointments for a while.

← This guy is what I feel like sometimes. I have changed anti depressant meds and it's taking a bit to get them in the system. But other than a mini panic attack because I couldn't find my bank card, I'm doing okay.

I finished Eat, Pray, Love and I thought it got a bit whiny in parts. I am waiting for the new Kathy Reichs book to get here. I'm wading through The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and it's got so many characters. But I made it through the 1st two so I need to finish it. It's been a good summer for reading.

I am going to get that old college paid off starting this week and then I'll send another $55 to the other college with an app and hopefully be admitted to the other Masters Program. I'll need to contact the loan people and get some more money. But this time I will be able to teach in colleges when I finish. If I can get a PT job doing that, one of my dreams will have been reached.

Some of the blogs that I read about "Christian Homemaking" are venturing into craziness. Domestic Discipline, i.e. BDSM in the name of God. I mean hey, if you're into it and you like it, cool, but don't title it anything other than what it is. I'm not into spanking but what ever floats your boat as along as you are truthful about it.

And of course the never ending discussions of whether or not to cover your head. I joked that my husband brought me my very own covering, a pink hair net from a nut company that he worked at. LOL.

One of the saddest things that I read was a post on a discussion board from a woman who is covering, and was entering into nursing school and she got reamed by another woman who basically told her she was blaspheming the Lord by going to school/work because her job was to be a keeper at home for either her father or husband. I mean let's get real. If you are ill and need to be hospitalized (though the responding woman has 8 home birthed children and lives in less than 800 sq ft, can't put sox on her kids feet and feed her kids more than rice and beans) most likely your medical staff will be female. I about choked on that. I am not part of that group and won't be because I would be banned quite quickly. There is also a guy who comments on that primarily female group. I think he's shopping for a wife. He looks like he lives in his moms basement and makes pronouncements including things like casting pearls before swine when people disagree with him. I'd like to shake him by the gizzard. If my son made comments like that he'd get a swat in public. Asshole.

The husband has been busy. The daughter has been busy. The son is now playing Dungeons and Dragons a la the Star Wars version and looking slowly for work. I think once people go back to school he will get bored, though his friend was dropped from her college for her poor grades. She needs a semester off to get her act together.

So another day to thank God that I am here.

Peace. Out.


  1. Have you been reading Rebecca Pearl's forum? I had to stop.

  2. I can't tolerate her or her children. 7xSunday is horrible. The advocation of violence against children is heartbreaking.

    I'm a regular at FJ and a few other forums that have been around for years. I used to be into the X Files but that forum died a slow hard death.