09 February, 2017

Just a little whoo hoo

Blessing to the 9th Circuit Court!!!!

Hold back the ban
Tell the Loofa Faced Shit Gibbon he needs to learn about the 3 parts of government:

He's treading some icy water with his tweets.

See the doctor tomorrow for meds and BP check. I'm sure it's high again.

da bunny

06 February, 2017

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 96

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 96

By Amulbunny   
February 6, 2017

Outside my window59, cloudy and damp

I am thinking I’m going to go to bed early

I am thankful for not having to go anywhere till Wednesday

From the learning rooms …  Reading something?

I can't believe . . . what a mess the Trump group is.

From the kitchen . . . Dishes are done.

I am wearing  jeans and tee, soon to be jammers

I am creating. . . a time to layer on the Vicks!

I am going. . .  to get my nails and toes done

I am reading. . . can’t keep up

I am hoping the kid enjoys his new job.

I am hearing a whining dog

Around the house2 dogs, and me, husband and son

One of my favorite thingsnew socks

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  MRI on Wednesday
2.  MD on Friday
3.  Eye exam on Saturday

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

 Have a good one! Da Bunny

24 January, 2017

Quick Update

Was sick from November till a couple of weeks ago. Still, have that cough. 

Survived the great deluge though we had water coming in the back door. 

Have an update planned but will have to wait another few days.

Proud mama of a marcher in the Women's March in Madison Wisconsin last weekend. 

Filed a request for a congressional inquiry into the delay from DOL/OWCP/SFO in obtaining a new w/c  doctor with Senator Feinstein's office.

Started to respond to POTUS on Twitter. Gonna stop being a silent constituent. Probably won't make a damn bit of difference, but this water needs to be muddied. 


da bunny

02 January, 2017


Hope yours was happy and safe.
I was in bed at 0000 and would have continued my sleep except for the fireworks being shot off by the neightbors. Sounded like a war. Dogs were scared. I was pissed.
Slept in yesterday.
Slept in today and missed the parade. Saw the hockey game. Watching the Rose Bowl.
Go Packers!!!!

da bunny

21 December, 2016

Off to the land of neon

31 years ago today I married a boy who turned into a wonderful man. We're going to celebrate our 31st anniversary. Takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work. It is worth the effort.

the bunny

15 December, 2016

I am so tired of coughing.

So when this cold started back in October, at the beginning there was some exudate when I coughed. Now when I cough it's a dry hacking cough and it is nagging. I am taking Tessalon Perles, which does wonders for the cough, but makes me so tired. So I can't take it when I'm going to drive, do something that takes attention, or watch something. Can't read either. 

Had a shot in my hand today. Today he injected it into the tendon. He said it will reduce the inflamation and stop the thumb from hurting. I sure hope so. 

I am not ready for Christmas. This weekend I'm going to do some Amazon shopping. Or go to Toys R Us. Who knows? I am really excited about getting out of town for a couple of days. And then it'll be Christmas and we're all supposed to be happy happy joyjoy. Hasn't hit me yet. 


06 December, 2016

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 95

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 95

By Amulbunny   
December 6, 2016

Outside my window63, cloudy and a little windy

I am thinking I’m going to take a nap

I am thankful for getting most of my laundry done.

From the learning rooms …  Am going to start reading Hamilton by Scott Chernow.

I can't believe .. . that Trump got elected

From the kitchen . . . Wonder if I can hire someone to help me clean it up

I am wearing  a unicorn tee shirt and leggings

I am creating . . absolutely nothing today

I am going. . .  to have to go to the store

I am reading. . lots of stuff

I am hoping the kids work keeps up

I am hearing a snoring dog

Around the house2 dogs, and me

One of my favorite thingsnew audio books

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Perm on Thursday
2.  Teach on Friday
3.  Do some stealth shopping on Saturday

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

23 November, 2016

Why do people.....?

Lose their minds in the grocery store the day before a holiday? I admit to being a procrastinator but I can lollygag around the store at a slow pace and get everything done I needed to get done. It seemed like people couldn't decide which sugar to buy, how many eggs do they need, and what exactly is plum wine and where is it?

My minion and I got out with our bags. Oh yes, CA demands you use your own bags or buy the ones at the market for 10¢ a piece. Luckily we have a growing pile of tote bags. I'll have to keep them in the car.

Tomorrow hopefully will go well.

Made our reservations for our anniversary trip and even before we get there I am going to write to head of marketing for the hotel. They dont' advise you that when you get an upgrade you get a corner suite facing the mountains. No biggie, but if you want to get the transportation to/from the hotel for free you need a strip view suite. Doesn't say that. in the stuff. So I called to see if I could get it bumped over and they said no, because it was really a comped room to start...  I burned 300,000 points on MyVegas for it. Had I not, I could have gotten a groupon cheaper. We shall see what a squeaky wheel gets.

Peace and out. Have a great Thanksgiving.

 da bunny

15 November, 2016

calmer waters abide

Last week was the roller coaster of emotions.  Now it's time to support what we believe in and keep the incoming POTUS aware that he isn't the Emperor. I truly believe he is getting horrible advice from his so called advisors, adding known racists and creationists to his team. He is so ignorant of what goes on in the white house that he doesn't know that all the staff in the white house has to be replaced by his employees. That means deep security checks and background examinations for anyone to work in his administration. He wants to run his company and run the country. Can't do both donnie boy. It's going to be a hard row to hoe and I don't think he's capable. 

We've had our gasp of Indian summer again, and now it's cooler and feels like fall. One week in the 90's and the next in the 60's. Now if we could get some precipitation I'd be thrilled. 

I've had my 12 weeks of job placement, applied for over 250 jobs and got nothing. I don't know where I go from here. The DOL has not granted me permission to see a new doctor. I can file a congressional inquiry, but what good will it do?It's me against the DOL. 

I am so miserable and in pain today, coming off 12 days of horrible cold and lower respiratory infection, that was viral.Finally the cough is heading off, but the tiredness remains. Between the phengran with codeine and the tessalon I finally got some sleep. Now I just take the tessalon because if I take both I'm worth nothing the next day. 

I am going to make corn pudding, a pie, and some kind of sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving. We've ordered the deluxe turkey dinner from Ralph's, it comes with a cooked 10-13 lb roast turkey, green beans, gravy, potatos, cranberry sauce and a pie and oh yeah I forgot rolls. We'll have to add to the stuffing and potatos and of course 12 rolls is never enough. I'm not going to bake from scratch, I'll just make a deep dish apple pie from the freezer, and the corn pudding is simple. I think it'll be baked sweet potatos, mashed with eggs and ginger snaps, with marshmallows on the top. 
Well life goes on and we just flow down the river with the rest of the flotsam and jetsom. Hopefully the next 4 years will be peaceful for all of us. 

da bunny

04 November, 2016


I have a very severe Upper Respiratory Infection with a touch of lung involvement. Not a happy camper.
Will be sleeping most of the rest of the day.
I will surface after the election which I will not follow, instead I'll watch Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

later alligators