23 November, 2016

Why do people.....?

Lose their minds in the grocery store the day before a holiday? I admit to being a procrastinator but I can lollygag around the store at a slow pace and get everything done I needed to get done. It seemed like people couldn't decide which sugar to buy, how many eggs do they need, and what exactly is plum wine and where is it?

My minion and I got out with our bags. Oh yes, CA demands you use your own bags or buy the ones at the market for 10¢ a piece. Luckily we have a growing pile of tote bags. I'll have to keep them in the car.

Tomorrow hopefully will go well.

Made our reservations for our anniversary trip and even before we get there I am going to write to head of marketing for the hotel. They dont' advise you that when you get an upgrade you get a corner suite facing the mountains. No biggie, but if you want to get the transportation to/from the hotel for free you need a strip view suite. Doesn't say that. in the stuff. So I called to see if I could get it bumped over and they said no, because it was really a comped room to start...  I burned 300,000 points on MyVegas for it. Had I not, I could have gotten a groupon cheaper. We shall see what a squeaky wheel gets.

Peace and out. Have a great Thanksgiving.

 da bunny

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