15 November, 2016

calmer waters abide

Last week was the roller coaster of emotions.  Now it's time to support what we believe in and keep the incoming POTUS aware that he isn't the Emperor. I truly believe he is getting horrible advice from his so called advisors, adding known racists and creationists to his team. He is so ignorant of what goes on in the white house that he doesn't know that all the staff in the white house has to be replaced by his employees. That means deep security checks and background examinations for anyone to work in his administration. He wants to run his company and run the country. Can't do both donnie boy. It's going to be a hard row to hoe and I don't think he's capable. 

We've had our gasp of Indian summer again, and now it's cooler and feels like fall. One week in the 90's and the next in the 60's. Now if we could get some precipitation I'd be thrilled. 

I've had my 12 weeks of job placement, applied for over 250 jobs and got nothing. I don't know where I go from here. The DOL has not granted me permission to see a new doctor. I can file a congressional inquiry, but what good will it do?It's me against the DOL. 

I am so miserable and in pain today, coming off 12 days of horrible cold and lower respiratory infection, that was viral.Finally the cough is heading off, but the tiredness remains. Between the phengran with codeine and the tessalon I finally got some sleep. Now I just take the tessalon because if I take both I'm worth nothing the next day. 

I am going to make corn pudding, a pie, and some kind of sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving. We've ordered the deluxe turkey dinner from Ralph's, it comes with a cooked 10-13 lb roast turkey, green beans, gravy, potatos, cranberry sauce and a pie and oh yeah I forgot rolls. We'll have to add to the stuffing and potatos and of course 12 rolls is never enough. I'm not going to bake from scratch, I'll just make a deep dish apple pie from the freezer, and the corn pudding is simple. I think it'll be baked sweet potatos, mashed with eggs and ginger snaps, with marshmallows on the top. 
Well life goes on and we just flow down the river with the rest of the flotsam and jetsom. Hopefully the next 4 years will be peaceful for all of us. 

da bunny

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