02 September, 2016

I am fed up with the US Department of Labor

I have written 6 letters to the DOL San Francisco District. I have not had a reply to any of them. By statute, they are to respond within 2 business days to any communication sent to them. 

Next up is a letter to my worthless congressperson Maxine Waters office. 

I am pissed off at them. 

I am pissed off at my husband for his carelessness. 

I am pissed off at my son for driving my car and leaving me to beg rides from others. 

I am pissed off that I have to be the one punished for being at home.

I am pissed off that I have a chance at a perfect job, but it's part time and the DOL would consider it full time and cut my benefits. 

I am not looking forward to any holiday because it doesn't affect my status.

I am on call for jury duty next week and I am hoping that I get  a trial so I don't have to look for 20 jobs. 

I am pleased with my new messenger bag briefcase. Now if I could fly somewhere I'd be even happier. 

This is the weekend that you don't cross me or say anything to me because I will cut you down verbally. 

And that is all. 

The not so happy bunny......

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