24 February, 2016

The next 6 months

First off the finale for the X-Files was depressing and way too many ends left dangling, like some of my sentences. 

I start school the 29th of Feb. I will be going for 6 months, 4 hours a day 4 days a week and learn office management. The Department of Labor has determined that I am capable of working once I finish relearning all the stuff that I have forgotten, i.e. typing, printing from a computer, graphics, and all those things. 

Amazing that I can write a blog and do those things. But I will admit that I suck at excel, it's been since 1998 and things have changed. Outlook, I never used, have no idea what Access is, and of course,our blessed Quicken. 

Then I get to learn how to send faxes, use printers, adding machines and all kinds of other office machines. The reason I have arthritis is that I used my right hand to run an adding machine for 20 years. 

I'll keep up a running commentary on the wisdom of the DOL/OWCP in putting a 63-year-old woman back in the workforce. Especially one who's injury is on her dominant side, repetitive motion anyone? 

da bunny girl

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