29 June, 2015

Back in one piece

Well we made it to the river about 2245 on Friday night and it was still a balmy 100º outside. Thank goodness for a faithful air conditioner which worked superbly the entire weekend. I got some time in the pool, some time at a slot machine that liked me and some time at the outlet mall. What more could you ask for your birthday?

 Ironically the red dot on the above picture is showing where our room was on the 2nd floor. 
 The pool was very nice, except for kids. Older I get the more I like adult only times. 
This was from the riverwalk. Right below is where the jet ski rental is and a bit further to the left is the sandy beach where people are there at 7am setting up screened rooms and shade for them selves. Not a bit of sand is free for laying out and getting sun. Have to squeeze by to get into the river. 

It was 115 on Saturday. Way warm. We left Sunday morning and the closer it got to home the more humid it was. Now it's 75º and 64% humidity. I can deal. 

Peace from the bunny. This is what we need, a lot of this. 

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