09 June, 2015

84º and Balmy

We're getting the remnants of a tropical storm and whoa is it humid. I expect to hear the pitter patter of rain drops soon, as per the radar.

I'm not having a good week. Hopefully my antidepressants will kick in and straighten out the brain chemicals. I didn't take them for 2 days.

My son was laid off and all the anger and rage has been directed at me. I remind him strongly that I am his mother and I will not be treated like that. He has issues and they need to be dealt with. And soon.

I would like to go away for my birthday but that is not going to happen. Cabin fever is not fun. My mother wants to go to Solvang on Thursday so that means driving up there, walking around for an hour or so and then coming home. Maybe stopping at the outlet mall in Camarillo. I don't know.

This is my life right now

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