25 February, 2015

Another day 10 things to think about.

I've been thinking about things. 
Stop, I know it's dangerous to unleash me on the world on a Wednesday.

1. The amount of testosterone in this house is getting overwhelming. 

2. There are days I could spend in bed but I don't.

3. 47 more days till we get on an airplane for a quick trip across the desert to check a box on my husbands bucket list. (we'll get to my bucket list in another post).

4. We're going to fly. 10 hours (to/from) with my husband in a car is hard for me....

5. We were lucky to be upgraded to a spa suite (700 sq ft) at our hotel of choice. 

6. And if all goes well, I can lay back in a jacuzzi spa tub on the 30th floor and watch ops at LAS while sipping wine and eating cheese and salami. Semi decadent I know. 

7. My kiddo will be going on her Disney cruise the week after we go on our jaunt to Vegas. I am jealous. 

8. I hate February. I feel like I just get the bills paid and then March looms. 

9. They don't call it a dogs life for nothing. Sleep all day and then when the lonely tom cat comes out at night they are on the back patio barking into infinitum. Then in and sleeping on my side of the king sized bed. 

10. I spent some money on myself. I got a LeSportsac bag and weekender for my trip. Got it from Amazon and it's way cheaper. Finally I match when I travel.

Also prayer, bone shaking, thoughts of healing energy, comfort for the family of the engineer of the Metrolink train that derailed yesterday. Massive chest injuries. Also comfort for those passengers still in the hospital. 

da bunny

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