25 October, 2014

Comments on comments


By the way, I won't entertain anonymous comments. If I put it out there you can identify yourself, this isn't a democracy, it's my little world. Deal with it. 

As my children are adults and can play video games as much or as less as they want, I find them to be more able to discern good from evil as well as any. 

Disrespect can also be learned from parents who think that every thing outside their walls will lead their children down the path of death and destruction.

 When a cycle of hopelessness and poverty isn't alleviated it is the responsibility of the social services and the state government to implement programs to remedy it. When a child is shot because of the colors she wore, that reasoning has to be stopped. Why do we pay taxes? To support wars in countries that don't want us. To feed the pockets of the oligarchs who run this country behind the scenes? It's been going on for 100's of years. 

 I taught public school and I saw the children of immigrants work harder than their peers because they appreciated the fact that they were allowed to go to school and learn. Americans should pay attention to that. 

If you don't trust your children, bully them and abuse them, you don't deserve them. If you teach your children to hate their siblings because they left the roost and found the truth, then you are as culpable as any abuser. When you get old and expect your children to wait upon you, you're going to be sadly surprised that they don't visit, keep their children from you, and hate you.

I just found out today the the father of one of my nieces abused her and her brother, sexually and held it over them. No wonder they can't trust their mother, who had 5 other children when they were nearly grown. May he rot in hell. 

Can you tell I'm in a shitty mood? Well I am. My arthritis is making my hands cramp, my shoulder is screaming in pain. 

I'm done and over. Timer's gone off and I'm ready to leave the burner. 

That's all folks. 

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