07 May, 2014

Road Trip

Just for a start:

4951 miles over 13 days with 1 day off.

LA-Flagstaff AZ==== Grand Canyon

Flagstaff AZ- Tucumcari NM===== Meteor Crater

Tucumcari NM- Tulsa,OK====== 2nd largest cross in Western Hemisphere and Verns Steakhouse and Saloon in Shamrock TX.

Tulsa OK- Springfield IL===== How to deal with food poisoning  on the road.

Springfield, IL to North Park Chicago to Wheaton, IL==== dropping off the baby girl to start her new life.

Wheaton, IL to Wausau, WI.......that 5th season in the midwest , Road Work!

Wausau, WI to Mayer MN..... Amish carriages and real summer sausage

Day off to recuperate.

Mayer Mn to Grand Island NE----- National 4H trap shooting contests. Teenagers with shotguns.

Grand Island NE to Rawlins, WY. ... Roller derby girls at Breakfast.

Rawlins, WY to Lehi, UT==== dinner and desert at Culvers

Lehi, UT to Las Vegas, NV ==== Mom won money. I lost. Why doesn't the Excalibur have a coffee shop instead of all those fast food places?

Las Vegas, NV to da beach!!!  Fallen bridge on I-15, downpour in Rancho Cucamonga, home sweet home!!

And people wonder why I'm tired today??????

It's a lot different at ground level than it is at 38K.

da tired bunny

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