26 May, 2014

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 76

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 76

The Grand Canyon, Arizona, April 24,2014 

By Amulbunny   
May 26,2014

Outside my window. . 73º, sunny and breezy at 15:52

I am thinking A month ago, we were on our way to IL. 

I am thankful for a very safe trip across the US.

From the learning rooms …  I might make an appt with a counselor for the community college.

I can't believe . . . I got a new phone and I love it!

From the kitchen . . . BAT on white!

I am wearing  shorts, tank top, and bare feet

I am creating . . .not much of anything, I took a pain pill though.

I am going   to get my rice neck thing  

I am reading . .  The CEO of the Cockpit by Kevin Garris

I am hoping that the pain in my shoulder and trapezius muscles will resolve.

I am hearing River Monsters

Around the house. . . 2 dogs, husband and me

One of my favorite thingsRemembering the cool things we saw on our Trip!!

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Old bank to talk about safe deposit box!
2.  Mop all the tile floors
3. Call my daughter.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

A female elk grazing in the visitors area at the Grand Canyon. 

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