06 April, 2013

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 64

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 64

By Amulbunny   
April 6, 2013

Outside my window. . . 70 and windy, partly cloudy.   

I am thinking…  I’ve got a lot to do this afternoon.  

I am thankful for…  my family.    

From the learning rooms … Miracle Gro helps my bonsai.

I can't believe . . .how white I am. I need sun.

From the kitchen . . . Defrost something and bake it.

I am wearing…  jeans and a nice shirt and of course slippers.

I am creating . . . a small corner to exist in.  
I am going…   to take my daughter to the airport so she can get to her cruise in Florida.

I am reading . . . too many started to list.

I am hoping…  the wind doesn’t get too terrible.   

I am hearing…  my husband speaking into dragon, the shower running in my bathroom, an airplane above the house.  

Around the house. . . . 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 husband, 1 son, 1 daughter.

One of my favorite things… marshmallow crème.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.   Church
2.   Knocking down the side yard.
3.   Going to PT for my neck.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

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