07 March, 2013

Winter Storm Warning.. or so they say.

There's sun and the palm trees are winding in the wind. Doesn't feel like rain, but there are grey clouds offshore and it could bring rain. Usually it's north or south of us. It doesn't rain on the righteous you know.......(quickly looking outside to see if an angel with a flaming sword is coming for me)..

Things around the ranch are about normal. We sent out feelers about adopting a female GSP but so far no cat tolerant ones in our age range. Considering our cat would beat the crap out of any dog she didn't like, even at age 15, we'll bide our time.

I've no words of wisdom today. I feel like there is an elephant sitting on the right side of my chest. A long hot shower and perhaps a touch of Vicks might be the thing. No coughing just a feeling that my chest is full. Where's that suction?

I may be going away in the middle of the month. Drive up and take the train back. Flying is 4x the train fare. Actually you only take the train about 100 miles and then you get on a bus for the remainder. If I leave early enough then I can take the metro train all the way back to the neighborhood. I only need a backpack for my clothes. 2 pair of shoes. A chance to see Yosemite in the spring. Sounds good to me.

Life is ok. Not perfect but not total suckage either. 

da bunny


  1. Wow, a trip to Yosemite sounds wonderful! Air fare is ridiculous. We're going to LA/Disney for Spring Break and it's not cheap getting 5 tickets to fly. But it's the quickest way to get there and back so the kids won't miss school.

  2. My daughter has the super duper deluxe pass to Disneyland. I don't think that there is a place there she hasn't seen. She's going on a Disney Cruise in April. Too much mouse for me.
    My friends live outside Yosemite so I think we'll get into the park at least one day. I need to get away for a day or two.