14 March, 2013

A sermon

I got jumped on yesterday on FB for posting about the Roman Catholic Church and the new pope, I was defending my daughter who later took the post down. So I posted this on my page. Agree or not, I am entitled to my beliefs. 

To answer a question that was asked of me, I believe that the most vile of criminals and miscreants who reach the moment of death with the name of Christ on their lips are saved.

I believe that no one but God knows how long creation took, a day in the sight of the Lord is not what we call a day. I do not believe that humans and dinosaurs existed together. believe that science is created by God 
and who are we to question his infinite wisdom and glory.

I believe that the Lord offers salvation to all and it's our choice to believe or not to believe. I believe in openness to all and that a loving God would turn no one away.

I believe that it is a woman's right to chose what is best for her and her life. I don't believe that men have the right to dictate that to any woman, no matter where. Abortion is a decision made between a woman and God. It is not a choice that is lightly made by most. Standing on a corner with photoshopped signs yelling at people doesn't solve the problem. Where are those people when the mom they convinced to have the child has no means of support, can't afford food and supplies, babysitting so she could have a job? And the white GOP representatives are planning on cutting money that would affect the poorest among us while leaving the richest to get richer on the backs of the middle class.

I believe that the priests or teachers in a position above children/young adults who committed crimes against children should not be quietly hidden away in monasteries to repent their crimes or moved to another school. They should be tried to the full extent of the law and those who hid them in plain sight should be deal with as accomplices.

I believe that Jesus Christ associated with sinners daily and did not exclude anyone. I believe he taught love and compassion over all. I believe that Jesus Christ is infinite in his love for all as are the other members of the trinity. I also believe that he turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana, not grape juice.

I would be very disappointed in a church that excluded someone from communion because they are in a different synod. I find the fact that the MoSynod chastised the pastor of the church in Newtown CT for participating in a multi faith service of remembrance particularly heinous. Churches that practice exclusion because someone uses an NRSV, NIV, or other translation in lieu of the KJV make me see red.

I do not judge people by their sexual preference. I have too many friends who I would have to exclude from my life and it would be that much to much for me.

So this is my sermon. I am a person who is fallible. I don't live up to what God expects of me daily, but I know that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ saves me. 


  1. I like it. Very nicely worded. I agree with much of what you said, not everything - but I do enjoy having friends who think differently than me, because they keep me thinking and open-minded. Thanks for being one of those friends!

  2. I love your sermon too! I agree and believe most of all that you believe. I still never liked that Ted Bundy would be saved when the kindest Non Christian wouldn't. But i also believe differently than what most people think being saved means.