09 February, 2013

Things I think about

  1. Don't get upset over dumb things
  2. The weather will change and get warmer soon
  3. The dog does know where the dog door is and you don't have to lead him to it
  4. It's ok to go to the market with your hair a mass of random curls
  5. You're right, 41 degrees is cold in the middle of the night
  6. Skyfall is an awesome movie
  7. 15$ for a Burt's Bees grab bag is a good deal
  8. The Kindle is a wonderful thing
  9. I fell asleep yesterday while Pandora played my JS Bach station
  10. Don't neglect your back, I could hardly walk yesterday because my left side was on fire.
  11. Pain pills are good to have
  12. The DVR box makes noise even when it's not on
  13. I really like my bonsai trees
  14. My cheap little fountain on my file cabinet relaxes me
  15. I need to find a clean up person to do both sides of the house
  16. Waiting to hear if we might be matched with another GSP
  17. Curel Ultra Healing is awesome as is Burt's Bees güd  body butter



1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness that picture nearly made me lose control of my coffee XD