14 February, 2013

High wind warnings and fog advisories, oxymoron no?

That's what's come in on my super duper computer warning device. I looked at LAX and there was fog, I looked out my front door and there was wind. Since we are close to LAX, I expect we'll get some fog crossing our paths. At my moms, who is 1.5 miles from the ocean, you literally can be outside and see the fog coming in in front of you. Kinda like being out in the moors in England except you're surrounded by McMansions.

The errant spouse is on a really low carb diet because he's got a problem with his blood sugar. He doesn't eat what we eat. And what he cooks is disgusting because his taste buds are not at all in sync with normal people. It's the combination of spices and coconut oil and sometimes it really stinks. In the meantime I'm going to count points. It's what I'm doing for Lent, but starting Sunday.

We're on the adoption list for a GSP female. We can only wait and see. I do not want a male dog. I have one. I want a female. We'll see what happens.

No news on the new job front. But no negatives either. We keep sailing along.

We're trying those little cubes of laundry detergent. Seem to be doing what they're supposed to.

I need to shut my door and catch up on all the shows that I have DVR'ed. Tonight maybe I'll go through the Househunter's International. I can fast forward to 25 minutes and see all three choices. How to watch a 1/2 hour show in 9 minutes. Dig it.

I really have to tackle my bedroom. Get the clothes hung up properly, empty the baskets and put things away, and stop being depressed. I take meds for that, why aren't they doing what they should be doing?

And watching the trainwrecks continue. The one who had her kids removed, has been engaged and broken up twice since September. To 2 different guys. She goes about 4 days saying how she doesn't need a man, and then whammo, she's clinging on to some guy and madly in love. She'd better watch her backside. Courts can get into social media and read as well as the next person. In the meantime the kids are growing, going to anger management sessions, and doing well in school. None of which they'd be doing if they were still there with their mother.

The other one, who thinks I'm mean, went off on her anti Catholic screed when the Pope announced he was quitting. She also tells her minions to carry foraging books in their purse where ever they go. I think she's found some of that 5 pointed leaves and smoking it in the bathroom at night. Where else do these absolutely horrid things come from?

It's time to top off the wine glass, turn on my HBO GO and watch some True Blood. Sookie and Eric, what can I say? 3rd season and the beginning of the 4th. The 5th was a little too contrived though we did get to see the oh so delightful Christopher Meloni.

Peace and out.
da bunny

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