13 April, 2012

Rain! Waterspouts! Thunder! Lightning!

Today it was predicted that we would have a good old fashioned storm. And we did. The house shook from some close lightning which had boomers accompanying it. I loved it. The dog was all curled up with his blanket around him and I was sitting at my desk reading the news.

Got some things done though. The house is clean, the dishes are done (not put away but they are washed and in the drainer), animals are fed.

We didn't light a fire, but I turned the trusty heater on. The heater that is in our hall has not been lit at all. I prefer a cooler bedroom. You can definitely feel the warmth as you come out our door though.

The doors, humor me as I tell you about the bedroom with a french door on it. Clear glass to see through and see what's in here. Same with the door to the master bedroom area. We went to Big Lots and bought 4 bamboo beach mats. 2 for us and 2 for my daughter's room since her bedroom leads out to the patio. Another thing on my list of odd things that are here. Spa still doesn't work. 3 more months and I'm going to address the issues. The never ending disaster that is the side yard:
We pay an awful lot of rent for this place yet we can't use any of the yard. It's got junk all over it and even though they promised that the yard would be dealt with, it hasn't been. I like the house, but I am bummed that I can't use the yard. Those weeds are a lot higher too since the rain, but I won't take the weed whacker out there because of the junk on the path. It's an eyesore. 

Time for me to go out and sit and enjoy my living room. 

da bunny


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  1. Idaho has good things coming up from the grass roots, in the way of family farms and industry, as well as churches that are growing. That was my point, on my blog. Every state, including California where you live, has the terrible downside of it. There is both good and bad in the world, and I was focusing on something good coming out of Idaho.