09 February, 2011

What a klutz

As I sit here pondering on this subject, my 8 lb dog is barking like mad at the closed door. Ever since dogs moved in next door he's been acting odd. I think he was used to being the king of this end of the block. I thank God that he doesn't howl at the sirens like they do. What happened to my mild mannered little schnook?

So Sunday I was getting ready to cook my brats and baked beans for the party we were going to and I was in the kitchen. I was wearing some flat shoes that have an odd bottom and I must have moved my foot wrong. I went down like a sack of potatos, reached my hand out for support and landed on my daughters box of cupcakes. I annihilated them. Literally smashed the 4 that were in the box. Frosting spread all over it. I got up and cursed a blue streak and didn't initially feel very bad. Now 3 days later I am in misery. My mid back feels like it's in a cramp, and my shoulders hurt too. It's time to take a muscle relaxant I guess. Then I won't cook. That's ok. I'll take my chances. 

We went to a Super Bowl party and took my mom along. She had a good time and my friend's husband was amazed at all the knowledge she had about the game. We of course were thrilled that the Packers won. It was a crazy game but it was well played. 

I have a bottle of pomegranate margaritas that I'd like to try tonight. But I think if I mix that with muscle relaxants, I might go on a PUI rampage on some websites. Get me banned for life. LOL.

Nothing else exciting happening around here. I've got to start packing book boxes. Then I'll hit the garage and then the rest of the house. I have to have 4K minimum stashed by April 1. I hate the thought of moving. 

Oh I love this airplane. It was the first plane I ever flew on. 44 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun. I flew it from AUW to ORD via GRB. 

So have a good one and stay out of trouble. Don't be like me and go commenting on some old broads blog where she extols the joys of being a SAHW and sitting in poorly made Victorian knockoffs and drinking tea in a tent made of bedsheets. Education is for the birds and boys. And college is not for any good Christian lady. :::: slinking off to the living room to watch Stargate Sg-1 now :::::

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