29 January, 2011

One month down, 11 to go....

I am somewhere in the ether these days. During the week I don't know which day is which. It's probably from a lack of human contact. The dog doesn't speak and I only have long conversations with him when I am totally bored. So....on ward and up ward!

The PACKERS are going to the Super Bowl. We're going to a friends house for the afternoon and game. I'm par boiling bratwurst and making baked beans to take over. My mom is coming along too. She will enjoy getting out of her house I am sure. I don't know if they can beat the Steelers, we shall see.

I've got to start boxing things up. I should go to a moving store and buy some boxes or hit up Trader Joes and get some wine boxes to use for books. I also need to start bagging old clothes and dropping them off at the Salvation Army and other thrift stores in the area. I should also start looking at places to move to. I guess I'll call our realtor friend and see if he has any leads. This time we are getting a moving company to move the furniture. If we move all the small stuff, I can get a van and 3 for 4 hours and just move the heavy stuff.

Just for the fun of it, here's the Ipod Shuffle for this morning:
1. Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash
2. Jump With My Baby by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
3. Arabic Dance by the Gipsy Kings
4. Chug All Night by the Eagles
5. I Heard The Voice of Jesus Say by the Trinity College Choir
6. Tired of Your Jive by BB King and Billy Gibbons

In the news:
The riots in Egypt, the Saudi King thinks they are awful. Perhaps he is afraid that people will rise up against the regime and demand equal rights.

Gabrielle Giffords is making progress. Slow and steady.

The guy who shot her will never see freedom again.

The TSA is still crazy. Read their blog about Phil Mocek and you'd never guess that he was acquitted of all charges and the state and TSA lost. Spin doctors rejoice, you can always get a job at TSA.

Charlie Sheen is an entitled little brat who's had everything he's ever wanted and has decided to piss it all away. Now his antics have put a whole lot of people out of work. Hiatus means the producers don't have to pay the crew. No one is that special. I hope the honchos at CBS make him realize that if he doesn't get his act together the show is over. Done. Kaput.

Onto books read, waiting, partially read:

I Know This Much is True: Wally Lamb.
Winter Garden: Kristin Hannah
Heart and Soul: Maeve Binchy
Bone Garden: Tess Gerritsen
A Hundred Years of Solitude: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
You Know When the Men Are Gone: Siobhan Fallon
Freedom: Jonathan Franzen
Angel Time by Anne Rice
Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice

I am waiting for The Handmaid's Tale to get here in the mail. I read it years ago, but after reading a bunch of blogs on patrio-centric Christianity (I use Christian very lightly), they worship the head of the family not Christ and women are subjugated to being helpmeets and SAHM's, they eschew public schooling for home schooling, the outside world is evil. Daughters stay at home until their father's find them a mate and then the father's authority is transferred over to the new man. They are chattel property and it's sad that in a supposedly enlightened time people live this way and believe it's Biblical. I can go on and on but my BP meds might not work.

Well this is more than I envisioned I'd write today.

On a cool note, I saw the Qantas A380 flying alone in a clear blue sky yesterday. What a huge plane. I don't know if I'd want to fly on it or not. I love(d) the 747. Nothing like sitting on the upper deck in a nice big seat. Oh the joys of being a non rev. I truly miss that part of my life.

Peace to all.


  1. YAY! finally someone keeping up their blog. Seems like eque and I are the only ones these days aside from you amulbunny!

    Love your post. I read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and loved it. Loaned it to my friend Julie who also loved it and now by brother Troy is reading it. I also loved The Corrections. But i believe Franzen is not for everyone and i recommend him only to people who like the off-kilter dysfunctional family stuff. (It's the only only on your list i've read besides Wally Lamb's.)

    I need to find out more about the anarchy in Egypt and why we need to be worried. I am terrible about foreign affairs. And on purpose, i have not been watching the news on TV unless you count Jon Stewart.

    I never read the Handmaid's Tale book. I don't think i will now!

    LOL, Charlie Sheen! totally. And while we're at it what happened to Joaquin Phoenix?

  2. What is up with your blog anyway making me not be able to see my post until you approve it? I just looked through your blog and i swear i have posted more times than the one time i find myself and yet most of your blog has 0 comments.

    Did you not approve me? LOL.

  3. The other thing about it that is disconcerting is i need to read it after i post to make sure i made no mistakes! Can this be changed. I think your blog is great but i think it needs to be more user friendly.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I put moderation on because I was getting some flack for my flaming liberal remarks. I can change it back.

    Because you actually read it and comment, i'll try unmoderated for a while.

  5. If you change the parameters and get shit for being a flaming liberal, i promise i will be here to get your back.

    I am also liberal and don't get crap. But then i don't advertise my blog on Facebook either. But even if i did, i'm not sure it would be a problem. And the truth is, sometimes the provocative stuff makes it all interesting.

    See how it goes. I don't think you'll find it to be a problem. I just know that we are lazy people when it comes to blogging and it has to be easy and fun and the owner of it has to come back and let us know they are nurturing the blog and responding to the comments posted.

    When bloggers don't respond to comments i feel like they don't care what other people are thinking, they just want an online diary.

  6. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! i can see my post immediately. Thank you!

    I really do like being able to proof my comments after i post. For some reason previewing doesn't feel as strong of a proofing method. Maybe because blogger doesn't always really really show how it will be posted.