12 January, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Albeit a bit late, but I've been way under the weather. Yep, the bug hit me after me thinking that I was going to get away with staying healthy. I was pretty miserable to the point I went to see the doctor. I was on the verge of pneumonia. Nasty bronchitis. I took the Z-pack, used the inhaler (still am because my chest really hurts) and used to codeine cough syrup. I wish I had a percussive vest to break up what ever is still sitting in my chest. And of course, I used the most effective means of birth control ever created::: VICKS!
Vicks on my feet with white cotton socks, Vicks on my chest to aerate the room, and Vicks around my nose.

The social butterfly has been gone since 1 Jan.She's on a cruise. Yesterday she had a day time transit of the Panama Canal. She's had a great time. She will be home on Sunday night. God Willing and the Creeks don't rise.

Been reading a bunch of different and varied blogs. One young woman got married, had 27 bell-ringers, 9 attendants and is now moving to England. I wish her the best. Others, well, let's say I don't think beating your children into submission using the name of the Lord is exactly what he intended. But when you have a skewered knowledge of peace and love in Jesus, and can only see the Lord as a vindictive hate filled figure, sheesh. And then of course the wonderful home schooled quiverfulls who see that sending their girl children to college is worthless. But if something happens and they need to go to the ER, chances are they might be treated by a female doctor who shock of shocks, is educated!!! Such hypocrisy.

Well, it's time I get another load of laundry done, and in my brand new washer with lots of bells and whistles. I am so happy. It's easy to make me happy..... a new Coach purse, dishes done, a new used stove, and a new washer. What an easy lady. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you.

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  1. Goodmorning - hopped over to meet you from Cockpit Conversations. I have recently learned of the Vicks on the feet thing ... can wait to get sick, but I admit I am very curious about if this works. It's funny to me to see the Coach purse thing because I have just started noticing everyone has Coach purses ... I've kinda got my eye on the backpack just so I can be a fashionista! I'll be peeking in on you from time time to time ... Hope you're feeling lots better! ~ D