28 November, 2010

Oh the weather outside is .......

We have a fancy schmancy thermometer in our motor home. It is synched to some satellite thing or another (I didn't buy it and didn't read the instructions). Anyway. The dear husband went out to check on something and clicked on low temperature. Last night in our little camper the low INSIDE was 36.2˚ It was even colder outside. No wonder the dog decided that under the covers was a better place to be. Even with noxious emissions it must have been warmer. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving. It ended up being 8 people as opposed to 12. There was a wonderfully moist breast of turkey ( basted with real butter) and a honey baked ham, dressing and real cranberry sauce. Taters and gravy and just a nice dinner. I didn't even eat dessert. I brought it and left it. I also left some wonderful white Stilton cheese with cranberries and one with apricots. In fact yesterday I cleaned out my fridge looking for the Kaukauna cheese logs that I was sure I had at home. Nope. Well they are being enjoyed. 

The Packers played a good game but got beat. I was happier last week when they smacked the Vikings. But as is known in sports, you can't win them all. I wish Mr Favre all the happiness in life, but this year he really, really has to retire. He's butted heads with the ex head coach and got him fired. He's not that good anymore.

We are hoping to get a new stove this week. If so, I'll be baking like a mad woman for the next few weeks. The 70's era Kenmore we have has no handle for the oven, there are no markings on the oven knob and it's just sad. I have to guess at what temp things cook. Not good. So we'll spend $100 and have a less than new one but one that works. At least that is what I am hoping.

We're going to be moving again. Ack. But the landlord can't afford to keep this house, his ranch, and his new house. He's going to let it go. We could, if we scrimped and saved and did wonderful things, buy it but honestly, it needs updating. Another 100K most likely to remodel the kitchen, add a 2nd bath and put in a bathroom in the back house. Not to mention gates and fix fences. It would be easier to move and get what we want in a rental/lease. 

So my friends, it's time to end this missive. Cheers to Trader Joes for their nice table white called Autumnus, which I am not drinking today. Not drinking anything except for the real thing....

And now to the news:
1. The Koreas are going to cause me heartburn.
2. Sarah Palin should be sent to North Korea on a peace mission since she thinks they are our allies.
3. Her daughter should have never gotten to the finals of DWTS.
4. Just as easily as they were voted in the new Republican majority in the House can be voted out.
5. The TSA treats every passenger as if they are a terrorist threat to this country. 
5. The TSA is going to cause airlines to lose money.
6. What exactly are we doing in Afghanistan? We've been there longer than the Russians and what did they do?
7. I am going to get myself a new Ipod. 
8. My gingerbread candle makes the living room smell nice.
9. Dearfoam makes the best slippers. Got them for myself and my daughter at Costco. It's like wearing a cloud of cotton.
10. Does the search for the perfect boot ever end?????????

Peace and out.

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  1. i love your list, amulbunny! Especially about Sarah Palin.

    And i agree about the perfect boot search and would add the perfect jean. I have so many pairs of boots but i think i have settled on Sudini as the most comfortable. I have them in red, brown, black and short boots and tall boots. I often buy them online at Nordstrom.

    I love boots but around April i get sick of wearing them.