03 November, 2010

Book reading jag, random thoughts and stuff

I was on a book reading jag for a week or two. I think I read them as fast as I got them. Now I'm off the kick and can read a couple of chapters and put the book down and come back to it. It's odd but it's the way I am. (Don't tell my kids).

And it's getting time to really clean out the kitchen and get ready to cook. But not today. Today it was 100 freaking degrees outside. I am not kidding and the humidity was 10%. Not exactly conducive to getting the old pie stuff out and making some pies or quick breads. I want some pumpkin bread but not that badly. My mom wants to have pork loin for dinner on Thanksgiving. My husband doesn't like pork loin. So I will get a boneless turkey roll for him. I like pork loin, not as much as ham, I do love me some ham. Dressing, beans, goodies.

This is what fall looks like around here. The maple tree has turned rusty but hasn't lost it's leaves. The elm tree in the front yard never loses its leaves but the tree down the street is bare. And then we have our lovely palms which just get dirtier. I trimmed them this weekend and paid dearly, but I was angry and had to do something to get my venting out. They are a lot cleaner and one is a lot less ragged. Why anyone would plant 4 palm trees in a planter is beyond me. Or plants 6 little palms and 2 pine trees in an enclosed one in front of the house. Odd but true.

I am raising my daughter like this. She is talented and smart. She doesn't need to have any authority from her father transferred to her spouse when she gets married. She is always under the protection of her dad but we don't see it as something that is divined by scripture. We both would lay down our lives for our children. I read a lot of blogs that are written by people who are involved in Quiverfull, Vision Forum and other ultra conservative patriarchal communities. Their aim is to breed out the rest of America. Not gonna happen. They may be in their lily white enclaves now, but I gotta tell you, we are the minority and will be. Homeschool their children with sketchy wisdom booklets that alter history. You might have read about TX and their alteration of their American History Books. This to the max. Sorry, there are too many "others" out there and as long as the 1st amendment stands it's going to hopefully protect everyone who isn't part of their agenda. 

Several months ago I wrote about a train wreck that I follow. She's dragged her kids (since March) from Michigan to New York to Ohio to Kentucky to New York to Pennsylvania to New York to Kentucky and now she says they're saving pennies to go to NV because there are jobs there. She's admitted out loud that her oldest of the two she's got with her has a severe discipline problem and needs to be on meds. She's gone back with the guy who gave her so much grief. She's had a tubal yet she constantly thinks she's pregnant. She's got heart problems. Right now she's living in a shelter. They are planning on staying in a motel till after Christmas and then moving to Nv. I asked her if she's researched jobs there? They have a horrible unemployment rate and the services that she will need for her kids are hard to get. I think any wisdom that I may impart falls on deaf ears. I really worry about her kids. They have no sense of home. Dragged from pillar to post. Sleeping in shelters and motels. Pray for them.

Well it's time to fly away. 


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