22 March, 2017

A round of thanks to the USDOL District 13 SFO.

I've been on workers comp for 13 years. On and off working till after the last surgery, where I had a nonindustrial injury of a broken foot as well as my medical restrictions. I was declared permanent and stationary, wouldn't get any better, could get worse.

Sept 2015 I get sent to a quack in Long Beach who declares that I am miraculously cured of all problems and am able to go back to a 40 hour a week job, after vocational rehab. Vocational Rehab consisted of 6 months of 24 hours a week relearning Office Suite, Quick Books, Internet History and some other stuff. After I graduated, I got into the job search. I applied for over 250 jobs. Got nothing. 

Dec. 2016 the DOL announces to me that they have decided to cut my benefits because nothing I have proven to them has shown them that I am still medically infirm. This is after I requested a new physician in July and was not granted the change till November. The doctor that I see is only in on Mondays and his first report came 2 days after the last day I could challenge the ruling. They would not budge. So as of February 5th, I had no health insurance because the amount they calculated was less than the amount I paid for health insurance. I still have health care for my industrial injury. It went from 1600 to 450$ a month. 

Now my quandary is do I file for Social Security or find a lawyer who does SSDI? I do have several issues that have come up over the time that could qualify me for it. I need to find the tv commercial for the lawyer who says they can get it for you.

This has caused me such great depression. I can't afford my rent. 
I have a car payment as well as insurance. With the three of us it's amazing. 

Ok enough rant for today. 


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