15 December, 2016

I am so tired of coughing.

So when this cold started back in October, at the beginning there was some exudate when I coughed. Now when I cough it's a dry hacking cough and it is nagging. I am taking Tessalon Perles, which does wonders for the cough, but makes me so tired. So I can't take it when I'm going to drive, do something that takes attention, or watch something. Can't read either. 

Had a shot in my hand today. Today he injected it into the tendon. He said it will reduce the inflamation and stop the thumb from hurting. I sure hope so. 

I am not ready for Christmas. This weekend I'm going to do some Amazon shopping. Or go to Toys R Us. Who knows? I am really excited about getting out of town for a couple of days. And then it'll be Christmas and we're all supposed to be happy happy joyjoy. Hasn't hit me yet. 


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