24 January, 2016

Medical Update

So the little cough that could, the heaviness in my sternum area, fatigue and my shortness of breath did add up to something according to my cardiologist.

(Right now I'm waiting on the X-Files)

So the first week of February I am going to have an angiogram which will probably turn into an angioplasty. I have to be there at 0600 and I have no idea when I will go home. Could be 4 or 8 hours or I may get to stay the night. Depends on what goes on and how long it takes. I am very nervous about this and am pretty worried. 

So I will update after the procedure as soon as I feel up to it.


the bunny


  1. HI amulbunny, It's normal to be anxious but just try and think about the technological advances in heart related procedures. I've had a couple of friends have angioplasty a that have recovered quite quickly and felt so much better! And take all the help from your family and friends that you can get! ;)

  2. Amulbunny, why do your comments have to be moderated before posting? Did you have problems before? The reason I ask though is because it might not be necessary anymore since folks are not blogging like they used to. It's kind of weird not to see a post after writing it.