30 September, 2015

This summer has been way too hot for way too long

And I fucking hate humidity. My dead perm curls even reactivated with the moisture in the air.

We had 4 fans going in our room, 1 ceiling, 2 oscillating, and 1 desk fan. I never go to sleep without a cover and for days kicked off everything around me.

When we had some rain, it was like living in the Midwest in August. You could cut it with a knife.

I am so looking forward to long sleeves, jeans, and comfy shoes. This has been the hottest summer I can remember.

Tomorrow my oldest turns 28. It is the 28th anniversary of the Whittier Narrows earthquake which may or may not be mentioned in the news. I was in the hospital when it hit. Talk about nerves.

My daughter flew home for an in/out weekend to celebrate her cousin's birthday last weekend. It was all hush-hush. The surprise came off quite well. Saturday night there was a big party at our house. I woke to find a bottle of Chocolate Bacon soda on my counter. I'm sorry, just no.

I had my 8th-second opinion for my work injury in 12 years. Hasn't changed, ain't gonna get better. Hurts like an SOB. Nothing to do but endure it. Shoulder snaps like a rubber band. Just sitting there and snap. You can hear it across the room.

1 more bitch. I've lost my skull candy earphones and I am not happy.



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