22 May, 2015

So, the Duggars covered up Josh's sexual abuse of his sisters

I have to admit I quit watching the show a while ago, I knew beneath JBoob's smarmy exterior a monster was hiding. And ofJBoob was no better with her baby voice and long skirts and telling her girls that it was women who caused men to sin. I do follow recaps and know what's up though. 

Now they tell the world that Josh did something bad when he was a teenager. Yeah, assaulting 4 of his sisters sexually and one other person as well. And he prayed and confessed to his church (i.e. Bill Gothard, that randy old dude who sexually harassed at least 30 girls working in ATI headquarters) and of course Jesus forgave him. He apologized to his victims and all was hunky dory. 

Josh goes and marries Anna who's kind of a dim bulb and they have 3 nearly 4 kids. One of whom is a young daughter. Ding Ding Ding Ding======warning bells. He works for a hate group only because of his name, his School of the Dining Room Table education isn't enough to get him into a college, not that his parents would allow him, and he makes horrible remarks about gay people, abortion and the general state of the American family......

Have his sisters gotten help? Have they had someone say you're not damaged, it was not your fault, you had nothing to be ashamed of? I bet not. That's not the way their religion rolls. Send Josh off to help remodel some guys house in Little Rock, that's all the counseling he needs. The girls? Well they're only good for having babies and more babies. 

Does ofJBoob raise her kids? Hell NO! The older girls were the parents of the littler ones. She breeds with the old man, gives them the boob till they're 6 months old and hands them off to a "buddy". She's a piece of work. 

And if you read the redacted (names) report, you'd read that the children were punished by being hit with a rod.Guess they read Michael Pearl in between making babies. Keep Sweet, never let anyone know you are feeling horrible, don't wear anything to tempt a man, because they can't control their lustful thoughts??????

I am glad TLC pulled the show, especially after showing a mini marathon of Josh centric episodes yesterday. I hope the sponsors drop out one by one. 

To the leg humpers who think that mere apology and asking for forgiveness is enough..... it's not. I don't think God approves of what he did and I don't think he'll forgive him without some penance. And I don't think anything from his mouth in the last 24 hours has even been close to an apology to his victims.

/rant over.

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