15 December, 2014

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 80

A Happy Woman's Life Book Page 80

By Amulbunny   
December 15,2014

Outside my window61º, partly cloudy and breezy

I am thinking the rain is supposed to start tonight.

I am thankful for a trip to look forward to.

From the learning rooms …  Car dealer service departments are PITA.

I can't believe . . . how close it is to Christmas.  

From the kitchen . . . biscuits.

I am wearing  sweat pants, long sleeved baggy shirt and slippers.

I am creating . . .my shopping list for Christmas dinner.

I am going   the doctor this week

I am reading. .  Written in My Hearts Own Blood by Diana Galbadon.

I am hoping to take a nap this afternoon.

I am hearing Channel 5 news at 1pm

Around the house… a 2 dogs, son, a niece and an extra boy and me

One of my favorite thingsknowing my daughter will be home for Christmas.

A few plans for the rest of the week
1.  Having the dealer pay for their mistake
2.  Bible Study if we have a car
3.  Get my shopping done.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing:

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  1. Outside my window… Dark, rainy, and Christmas lights!

    I am thinking… How Christmasy and cozy my little abode is right now.

    I am thankful for… good health and for my family too.

    From the learning rooms … I still don't like learning ...especially during retirement! But i could say i am learning not to escalate bad situations!

    I can't believe . . . what i read in the news with all these shootings and the Taliban in Pakistan school too. so sad.

    From the kitchen . . . Wine. A very nice Cline Zinfandel

    I am wearing… Title Nine cargo pants and a black t-shirt and slippers.

    I am creating . . .A Christmas tree photo garland for my BFF Sarah.

    I am going… to get my oil changed in my car FINALLY! I hate those little wrench icons that show up when you need to do it. Glad they are they there actually, but still baggy.

    I am reading. . The Paying Guests. Loving it.

    I am hoping… it snows this winter. But i doubt it will.

    I am hearing… Music from Pandora playing a mix of Christmas songs and my favorite artists.

    Around the house… just me, candles lit in the living room, Christmas lights, music, a glass of wine.

    One of my favorite things… My little one year old nephew Brady who is the son of my favorite nephew.

    A few plans for the rest of the week…
    1. Insurance agent for the claim on our damaged hardwoods (from the Xmas tree stand overflowing!)
    2. A Christmas party.
    3. The Seahawks playing Arizona!