09 April, 2014

Quick, quick, the engines on.....

1. G*O*T --- OMG Arya, you're gonna be a wild woman when you grow up.
                      Tryion, you try and try and still get to be like a mushroom.
                      Danys...... let dem dragons go!!!

2. T*B           Starts in June. Not enough time, only 10 eps, and the grand finale.

3. Roadtrip    If I have any sanity after 4000 miles of US highways, I'll be surprised.

4. Movies:     NO I don't want to see Captain America, Noah, or anything else right now.

5. Kindle       I do want to upgrade my Kindle and will tell my husband it comes in 4 easy payments

6. Rental Cars     It would cost us $600 to drop the rental car in MSP. That's more than the cost of 2 one way tickets home. So we have to drive it back to SoCal.

7. Taxes        This is the first time I did all our taxes and Efiled. My children love me and the IRS got it's money from us that much sooner.

8.  Jobs          Finally the husband found a job that is right.

9. Inventory   I still hate doing it.

10. Packing:   My kid is moving in 2 weeks and not a thing has been thrown out, donated or boxed to go.

11.  Mom's Chauffer   We need another car.

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