21 January, 2014

ok ok i promise

I have to apologize for my belated return to the blogging world.

I've been really sick and haven't had much energy to come up with witty repartee.

I have to go to a wedding this weekend and I have serious doubts about it. ***

Pray for rain for all of California. We are in a really nasty drought. My plants will thank you.

I am flummoxed over the Super Bowl. I like both teams even if they aren't the Packers.

da bunny

*** family. you know how that goes…..


1 comment:

  1. Amulbunny. even we aren't getting rain in Western Washington. I don't think i've ever seen us have brown grass in the wintertime. I hope the clouds open up soon for y'all.

    You should root for the Seahawks! We went to the SuperBowl 8 years ago but the media pretty much ignored us getting there since we weren't expected to win. And of course we didn't. But this year we have some fabulous players and personalities, including Richard Sherman. I'm sick of Peyton Manning the perfect one! This is the first year i've really been invested in our team, mainly because of Russell Wilson, Sherman, Golden Tate, Baldwin, and of course Marshawn Lynch.

    I hope you start feeling your mojo soon!