13 October, 2012

Random musings about stuff

  • In less than 4 weeks we make a huge decision for this country. If you aren't registered to vote do is quickly and be ready to cast your ballot. This election is more important than any of the last 4. Don't let a cabal of right wing theocrats run our country. 
  • I lost $8 at Trader Joes this morning. It fell out of my pocket when I went to get my keys out. I was chastised and castigated for it. When I replied to the person saying such things, I was not polite. Nor did I wish to be. 
  • Listening to the police scanner for the beach area is interesting. I also listen to live ATC from the LAX tower. 
  • There was thunder and lightning the other day but very little rain here. Other areas were drenched. 

  • The shuttle is inching it's way to it's new home at the CA Science Center. A Toyota Truck pulled it over a freeway overpass. Cool and cooler. 

That's it, 
There will be more next week. 

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