30 September, 2012

It's nearly October, hate is coming out in droves.

Even one of my all time favorite reads is back to recycling her hate so I'm going to steer away from her awhile. It's quite predictable and I'm sorry for her lack of imagination. She apologizes that she will surely offend, and then she does. Pharisee thy name is CB. 

I will say here and now that I can be an evil manipulative bitch. Don't know anyone that one time or another in their life isn't. But to consistently feed evil to your children (I'm not forgetting the blog of another viper in Christian clothing in AZ either) and your readers, Don't you think God is looking at you and wanting to smack you on the side of the head for being so evil? Where does the hate come from? 

As for me, I have been fighting off a horrible chest cold. No I didn't go to the doctor. I figure it will burn itself out. The fever is gone, only thing left is the lingering cough which can be contained with Delsym. I know the stuff costs an arm and a leg, and of course there was no generic at Kroger, Hell Kroger doesn't even carry tylenol. I was just too burned out to go to CVS. 

We did have a great trip to Pismo Beach. I could live up there. All it takes is money. 

I'm still formulating a plan that involves a wrist rocket and some turkey shot for that damn bird. 

Daughter is at walk in care, has a stuffy head. I think it's her sinuses and they'll give her something for it. She's keeping me posted via text messages. 

Husband needs to get a job and soon. I'm tired of this 24/7 togetherness. 

Later peeps.
da bunny.

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